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Our Services

Aluminium Fabrication

Whether you are building your new home or planning a much needed design overhaul, aluminium fabrication is a great option that can transform the dull wooden interior into an elegant one with a modern appeal. However, this craft needs highly qualified and skilled professionals, which unfortunately are not easily available in the market. CallFixie knows this and has worked hard to bring all the best providers under one roof so you waste no time looking for one. Some of the facilities that you can avail include:

  •    Building aluminium frames
  •    Building aluminium windows and doors
  •    Building aluminium stands
  •    Aluminium extensions for houses
aluminium fabrication contractors
  • Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning

    With global temperatures soaring high and climate changing unpredictably, it has become essential to keep the air conditioners in the best working condition at all times. We at CallFixie understand this and provide you with a wide range of services ranging from installation to repair.

  • Aluminium

    Aluminium Fabrication

    Whether you are building your new home or planning a much needed design overhaul, aluminium fabrication is a great option that can transform the dull wooden interior into an elegant one with a modern appeal. However, this craft needs highly qualified and skilled professionals, which unfortunately are not easily available in the market. CallFixie knows this and has worked hard to bring all the best providers under one roof so you waste no time looking for one. Some of the facilities that you can avail include:

    •    Building aluminium frames
    •    Building aluminium windows and doors
    •    Building aluminium stands
    •    Aluminium extensions for houses
    Aluminium Fabrication
  • Appliance Repair

    Appliance Repair

    Modern appliances are designed to perform as fast and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, the focus on durability is often compromised in the process and that is exactly why it is important to maintain our appliances at home with regular servicing and check-ups. Call our expert professionals for the following:

    •    Appliance monitoring and servicing
    •    Appliance repair
    •    Appliance installation
  • Electricals


    Bad/faulty wiring is extremely dangerous and can lead to numerous problems ranging from frequent power outages, higher bills to electric shocks, house fires, etc. Fixing it on your own can be fatal. Electrical repairs need to be done by expert technicians as an improper work may put lives and property at risk. Our electricians are highly skilled and take full safety measures while performing a job. Contact us in case of an emergency, and we’ll arrange help for you in a timely manner. Some of our services include:

    •    House Rewiring
    •    Repairing House Wiring
    •    MCB Repair
    •    Switches Replacement
    •    Installation of Stabilizers
    •    Earthing System Installation
    •    Appliance Repair and Reinstallation
  • Painting


    Give a splash of vibrant colours to your home and make it look as beautiful as yourself. Whatever your painting requirements are, we have the right professionals to fulfil them. Our painters are highly-trained and have high-quality tools and machinery to paint your home in the right shade, colour and texture. Leave your worries to us and get prepared to admire your newly painted home. The services include:

    •    Priming
    •    Cleaning Ceilings
    •    Painting Ceilings
    •    Painting Walls
    •    Painting Cabinets
    •    Painting Furniture
  • Computer Repair

    Computer Repair

    In this age of technology, most of our daily tasks, major or minor, are performed on a computer. Whether it’s a work presentation, school homework, daily chores like bill payment or entertainment, everything requires a PC. CallFixie understands a Laptop’s importance in your daily lives very well and provides quick and easy repair and maintenance services. Some of our services include:

    •    Software Installation
    •    Laptop Cleaning and Servicing
    •    Updating Software
    •    Computer Accessories Repair
  • House Cleaning

    House Cleaning

    Cleaning a house is a massive household chore which includes a never-ending list of small to big tasks. No matter how efficiently you do it, there is always something which gets overlooked. Our experts can take good care of every single thing related to your home cleaning and will not miss a single spot. Our services include the following:

    •    Cleaning of Webs
    •    Floor Scrubbing and Cleaning
    •    Cabinet Cleaning
    •    Washroom Cleaning
    •    Floor Polishing
    •    Thorough Dusting
    •    Kitchen Cleaning
    •    Sofa Cleaning & Spa
    •    Deep Cleaning
  • Carpentry


    If you’re planning to furnish your home with wood for that classic, antique look, but ready-made furniture is hurting your budget, then you should consider us for a highly proficient and budget- friendly carpenter. Also, the readymade furniture can’t be customised are per your needs. A carpenter will get the same job done in much less money and will work in accordance with your customisations. Our providers are well-equipped with latest tools and expert knowledge to provide you with best quality service. Some of the services include:

    •    Cabinet Making & Installation
    •    Wall Siding
    •    Partitions
    •    Building Frameworks
    •    Construction & Installation of Drywall
    •    Bed and Sofas
    •    Dining Tables and Center Tables
  • Plumbing


    Whether it’s a leaky tap that’s ruining your sleep,or a broken showerhead that refuses to spray water, plumbing problems are excessively troublesome and won’t go away by temporary fixes. They need trained technicians with professional expertise in the field. CallFixie provides experts who are experienced and offer efficient solutions to your plumbing issues. Our services include:

    •    Repairing and Replacing Taps
    •    Fixing Sewer Line Problems
    •    Fixing Gas Line Problems
    •    Repairing & Installing Pipes & Fixtures
    •    Unclogging Sinks & Drains
  • Car Cleaning

    Car Cleaning

    With the average travel times increasing due to the burgeoning traffic, people are spending more time in their cars than they used to. Dust and dirt from long and regular use will surely wreck your car’s beauty. Additionally, a clean and polished car is as important to personal reputation as a house. Get your car cleaned as and when you want in a few easy clicks. Our car cleaning service includes:

    •    Washing
    •    Vacuum cleaning
    •    Polishing
    •    Pest Control
    •    Odour elimination and perfuming.
    Car Cleaning
  • Doorstep Laundry

    Doorstep Laundry

    Free time is precious and hard to come by and we do not want you to spend this hard-earned asset in doing laundry, which is one of the most laborious household tasks. As exhausting as it can get, it is understandable why it is delayed for weeks. Therefore, to help you escape this tricky situation, CallFixie offers you doorstep laundry service. Our services include:

    •    Door-step pick-up and delivery of the clothes
    •    Fabric assessment and the necessary treatment
    •    Dry cleaning (on demand)
    •    Ironing (on demand)
  • Dry Cleaning

    Dry Cleaning

    Taking proper care of clothes is not nearly as simple as buying them. It requires time, patience and expertise. Our skilled dry cleaners have a comprehensive knowledge of every small intricacy involved in the process and will ensure your garments are treated in the best way possible. Don't bother yourself with the nitty-gritty and leave it to us. Our service includes:

    •    Fabric treatment
    •    Stain removal
    •    Ironing
    Dry Cleaning
  • Geyser Services

    Geyser Services

    Hot water during winters becomes an absolute necessity, which makes a functioning geyser a vital home appliance. Moreover, lack of a working geyser compels you to compromise your safety and resort to hazardous and makeshift means like water- warming rods and kitchen stoves. Contact us and switch back to safe and convenient bathing. Our services include:

    •    Geyser repair
    •    Geyser Installation
    •    Geyser part repair
    •    Geyser cleaning
    Geyser Services
  • Interior Design

    Interior Designing and Execution

    It takes years trying to buy a dream home. And when it finally happens, beautifying it as per your imagination becomes a task of paramount importance. Normally, there is always a vast difference between what you had planned and what you achieve in the end. That’s because home decoration and interior designing is a process which includes technicalities that a common house owner isn't best equipped to carry out. Our interior designing experts are the best-trained professionals to realise your precious dreams. The services they provide include:

    •    Facility assessment
    •    Design direction
    •    Material selection
    •    Furnishing selection
    •    Maintenance and warrantee
    Interior Designing and Execution
  • Inverter

    Inverter Repair

    Sadly, power outages are much more common than one would like them to be. And ironically our technology-driven lifestyles are getting more power-hungry than ever. This has led to yet another home appliance becoming an essential in this day and age. Inverters demand regular services and inspections. CallFixie has the best technicians that provide efficient services at nominal charges. Our inverter repair service includes:

    •    Inverter inspection
    •    Battery replacement
    •    Inverter installation
  • Mobile Repair

    Mobile Repair

    Mobile phones are one of the most personal devices in modern life. Extremely multifunctional, mobile phones accomplish a plethora of tasks daily, ranging from communicating to buying groceries. Hence, keeping them in working condition is of utmost importance. Whatever defect it is that needs to be fixed, you can call our expert mobile repair specialist. Our services include:

    •    Mobile inspection
    •    Virus removal
    •    Water damage
    •    Display/Audio problem
    •    Buttons malfunction
    Mobile Repair
  • Road Assistance

    On-Road Assistance

    Cars can break down unpredictably any day and any time. Not only is this situation troublesome, it can be potentially dangerous sometimes. We ensure that you are not left stranded on a highway or at an unsafe place, struggling to find assistance at an odd hour. We will get you the best help as soon as possible in case you are stuck in a sticky situation. Our 24X7 on-road service includes:

    •    Key Lockout
    •    Towing
    •    Flat Tire
    •    Mechanical Faults
    •    Battery Jumpstart
    •    Fuel Delivery
    On Road Assistance
  • Refrigerator

    Refrigerator Repair

    Contemporary lifestyles are extremely busy and make it impossible to buy fresh food off the shelf and cook it instantly. Hence, the need for food storage and preservation is an integral part of one of our most basic needs – food. Not only refrigerators prolong the life of our food, they are a blessing to have in the summers as well. Our experts are trained to keep your fridge fully functional so that it keeps your food fresh and healthy at all times. Our service includes:

    •    Compressor repair
    •    Cleaning condensing unit coils
    •    Checking the belts
    •    Oiling fan motors
    •    Checking coolant level
  • Renovation

    Renovation and Refurbishing

    Whether it is clothes, gadgets or houses, consumer trends and preferences keep changing in this fast-paced world. Remodel your kitchen as per the latest trends or give your living room a much-needed design overhaul. CallFixie has a network of qualified, talented and experienced service providers that can perform any task related to home renovation to perfection. Our service includes:

    •    Kitchen remodeling
    •    Bathroom remodeling
    •    Living room remodeling
    •    Bedroom remodeling
    •    Patios and balconies remodeling
    •    Tiles & flooring
    •    Electrical work
    Renovation and Refurbishing
  • RO

    RO Installation and Repair

    With water pollution levels rising at an alarming rate, relying on the tap water for a basic parameter of healthy living i.e. clean drinking water, is not only unreasonable but harmful as well. Get your new RO installed instantly or your old one monitored and serviced on a regular basis by industry experts. Our RO installation and repair service include:

    •    General service and repair
    •    RO Installation
    •    Water leakage issues
    •    Increasing water production
    RO Services
  • Pest Control

    Pest Control

    Pests are a destructive nuisance to a household and can wreak havoc in your home if not controlled in time. Common pests like rats, roaches, house flies, etc. can not only contaminate your food, but also spread harmful diseases making your home inhospitable. To ensure your home stays safe, CallFixie provides pest control experts that will effectively put an end to your pest problems. The services we provide include:

    •    Inspection of homes for pests
    •    Pest control treatment
    •    High-Quality Chemical Treatment
    Pest Control
  • Chimney Repair

    Chimney Repair

    It is very important to keep the chimney and hoods in your kitchen clean and in a working condition, so that your kitchen remains free of all the harmful smoke and fumes. A chimney that works perfectly will ensure that your home has a safe and hygienic environment filled with clean, fresh air. Our experts are professionals who are well equipped to provide you with hassle-free chimney repair and maintenance service by using industry-approved safety measures. The chimney repair service includes:

    •    Chimney inspection
    •    Duct cleaning
    •    Hood repair and cleaning
    •    Chimney installation and repair
  • Others


    If by any chance, you need a service which unfortunately cannot be found in our long list of major services, then don’t worry. CallFixie has a wide array of verified and experienced service providers in various other fields other than those that are mentioned. For anything in your home which comes under maintenance, repair, installation and servicing, CallFixie will provide you with an effective solution. Our providers are professionals who are trained to keep customer satisfaction as their highest objective. If you are seeking help from a professional from any other category not listed above, please contact us directly and we will be glad to assist you.


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